Junaid Ullah - Creative Director

There is always a invisible hand which runs through every project, it directs the flow of story with continuity of visuals. He plays with storylines, characters and imagery in combination to create a tale. These fables woven in colors and hues of human emotion bring forth the abstract into immediate reality. To make the viewer feel every contour and twist of the story filled with surprise, drama and scale. His journey has taken him through varied places, faces and true magic of storytelling that is ingrained in his origins. Always in search of finding life measured on largest and grandest scale. He has been part of  core team which created biggest blockbuster across different film industries.  

A child at heart, whose eyes always see the world, in quest to find novelty and beauty.  In every moment of his life, he keeps wondering and wandering through the terrain of technology to bring cinematic moments , which could never would otherwise be found on the screen. This pursuit, had made him strive through all the challenges kept before him. Even under insurmountable difficulties, he found grace to dance and bring perfection to 24 frames. 

Nothing amuses him or tempts him, except the pure desire to push every visual to extreme under his signature style.


Aditya Kavangal - Creative Director

Sometimes, words fail to capture the true essence of a being. We can try to fall on crutches of jargon. We will provide you with few such words, rest can only be fulfilled unless you meet him. 

Poet, Marketing wizard, Writer of tales, connoisseur of movies,Chief provocateur, curious mind and beatific heart. 

He believes “ One of the essential reason of evolution of Mankind, is his ability to tell stories.” One who masters telling a story, has the possibility of reaching the highest 

There are different tools and expressions each leaf of bilva practiced, One kept looking answers in words, started learning words being representation of language and expression. An easiest tool to connect across with another being. Words when put together can create any possible world. He mastered the art of being able to make words dance upon the rhythm of feeling to create a story. Nomad, traveled across lands, finding and sharing stories. In them, he found ancient truths. Between the exaggeration of religion,gossip, mythology and repetition, he found few words as keys which are original and eternal. He kept repeating these words, with each passing day, the power of the word grew, it started revealing to him possibilities beyond the limitation of the situation. He constructed realities in such a way that in the core there would be one word, which would push the boundary of human experience. The word traveled to become a song, poem or an healing touch that gave relief to the sickness of all kinds.

But the story teller, had the desire to go beyond word, to a place of formless, where the scale is infinite. He wanted to find the word, the ultimate word, which connects all the stories in the world. The word reveals all the realities in the realm of experience.

One day, between the portals, He found similar beings, who were looking for singleness.

It was word Bilva. One Single word.


Sumedh Sonkamble - CTO Virtual Reality

The lemotif of Bilva, who finds the thread of technology which runs through all the projects which are executed by the team. 

Technology is the oldest Maya which has been mystery and science to mankind. 

Everyone wants her and no one gets it.

Everyone talks about her, 

They tell every aspect of her in great detail, 

The way she moves, The way she sways and dances in hearts to bring everything, to life. 

She was the -only- object of desire  They all wanted her. 

They started building temples and wrote million books of code. 

Long glass buildings of silicon, where they built huge machines, which can power her.

They would force her to come and then try to capture her with sheer power of calculation.

She was life, and the force of it broke every calculation of their code.

She laughed at their inability and danced with absolute abandon.

They became furious, they ordered to build bigger machines, called them fancy names, google of gods and microsoft of microcosms. 

They wanted to show their  intelligent code.. 

How sophisticated , they had built the machines to prove their powers.

They switched on the machines again proud and smiling, saying, "This time, she is going to be ours.."

She came for an instant and exploded every machine into bits.

She stood and started dancing and singing

All the binary thought of duality

Of wanting and feeling describe everything into simple 1 and 0

The certainty of Yes or NO

The powerful code of conduct and rules

Machine and its great learning

Intelligence so real that it is artificial

Not in the abode of reason but in rhyme of expression

Rationality explaining the beauty of heaven and hell

Tall walls of security , trying to algorithm, pure destiny

Fall and burn

Everything came tumbling down, all those Hi-tech cities started burning

From a distance, He observed and smiled at himself

He understood, that technology cannot be conceived in neatness of code but madness of a song

She cannot be anything artificial but real

Hence it is so beautiful and scary at the same time.

On top of the hill, He was observing the entire show. Out of all this Ash.

Came a win

He wanted to find her without any machine

In a single instance, in a moment, eternal and forever

The song of Bilva.

He found technology of Human emotion and possibilities are not limited by code of line or conduct 

But infinite energy which reverberates in Human Heart